words to live by

even if you run slowly, you’re still going faster than all the people sitting on the couch. no excuses.

smile, you’re beautiful

smile, you’re beautiful

at night, rainstorm

windows thrown wide open to welcome the scents and sounds of an unexpected storm. cuddled in bed, warm under my cozy comforter, safely cocooned, listening to one of my favorite elements in all of nature’s symphony.

girl-child has a cough, boy-child a terrible case of the whines, mama is tired from a late night out. I’ve declared today Lazy Day, constructed a bed on the floor out of blankets and pillows. we are surrounded by books and snacks, wearing our pajamas and snuggling like sardines. life is good.

::deep breath. bite tongue::

my focus on patience and kindness has given way today to irritation and exasperation. it happens, from time to time, and i know that the best course of action right now is to lay low, so as to not say something to someone that I will later regret.

happiness is…

freshly washed bedsheets
wine with friends
babies’ laughter
sunshine on my shoulders
lunch dates
reconnecting with old friends
starting over
good cheese
jeans that fit well in all the right places
knitted lovies
chubby baby thigh rolls
freshly pedicured toes
the storytelling skills of a certain three-year old
iPhone camera apps
treasure hunting
first steps
footie pajamas
trying and succeeding with a new recipe
non-windy days
new car smell
kicking ass
checking the mail and finding letters from friends and no bills

learned the hard way

*never use your teeth to open a bobby pin
*if a guy lies to you about the little things, he’s probably lying about some big things as well
*tequila shots and trampolines don’t go well together
*listen to your gut; first instincts are often right
*when in doubt, sleep on it
*don’t make big decisions when you’re tired and/or hungry
*never wear new shoes on a long walk
*self-confidence is not the same as arrogance
*never eat a giant burrito for dinner the night before a big race
*always try on the undergarments you plan to wear with your outfit before you wear it in public
*it’s okay to say no; accommodating others at your own expense doesn’t always pay off
*waxing and haircuts are jobs best left to professionals
*the regret of not trying often stings worse than the disappointment of failure
*the years between 19 and 24 aren’t easy, but it does get better
*don’t run a half-marathon with a broken pinky toe
*people who talk negatively about others often feel negatively about themselves
*think long and hard before getting a tattoo
*sometimes the people you look up to will let you down
*it’s okay to make mistakes
*it’s also okay to be truly awesome and believe that you are, indeed, truly awesome

daily intention: tuesday

let go of worry

i am struggling with letting go of the negative energy swirling around my mind, gripping my chest, showing its ugly head as worry about the unknown. it’s making me feel anxious, edgy, blue, fearful, tense. I am trying to be mindful of my actions and stand firm in my beliefs behind those actions. it does no good to worry when you have done your best. what’s done is done.